What is there to do with children in Las Vegas?

Things To Do For Kids In Las Vegas

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Venetian walk
Walking and enjoying the Strip great for all ages. Obey pedestrian signs!

Things to do for kids In Las Vegas are varied. More often than not, children on a family vacation are akin to luggage. They are dragged around from one place to the next with little input in the matter. But a vacation in Vegas is never a drag. There is guaranteed fun for all, even families and kids. You can plunge down at 80 mph on roller coasters or hike to the summit of towering sandstone rock formations.

There are also museums- and not the boring type either. In addition, there is stuff that you would not expect to come across in the desert such as gondolas, dolphins, and even on the odd occasion- snow. Of particular interest to kids are the numerous candy shops and mouthwatering monuments.

Where else are you likely to find a 900-pound chocolate replica of New York’s world famous statue of Liberty? Only in Vegas. Below, therefore, we take a look at things to do for kids in Las Vegas as follows:

The Mob Museum

mob museum

The Mob Museum is a specialty museum for sure, located downtown near Fremont Street should you want to check out the zipline as well.  There are so many educational displays and artifacts. We could have easily spent 4 hours there. Yes it kept my 6 and 11 year olds attention for two hours. Sadly we got there just a couple hours before closing. The nickname generator is kind of fun as well. Love the souvenir shop as well. Check out our Mob Museum review.


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Rob J from Yelp

Located on the Strip, GameWorks is a 47,000-sq. ft entertainment center with over 250 games, a full-service restaurant, the world’s tallest and free standing rock climbing arena, and two snack bars. Inside the GameWorks complex is a Coca-Cola store complete with a 10-storey version of its acclaimed curved bottle and an m&m factory with three stories of m&m candies in colors that are only available here. GameWorks is situated next to the MGM Grand Hotel. Great place to have a kids or even an adults party.

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World Greatest Circus Acts

The best entertainment value in Vegas is, without doubt, found in the center stage of the Midway Carnival where Circus Circus plays host to the world’s largest permanent circus with live, free acts every day. A must have on your itinerary and especially for the kids.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey’s chocolate world in Vegas is two full floors of chocolate indulgence and fun. Here, kids are guaranteed all things Hershey’s and they may even leave with a personalized chocolate bar.

Big Apple Roller Coaster

The Big Apple Roller Coaster takes kids on an exciting ride that loops, twists, and dives through and around the hotel. With heights of up to 203 ft, drops of 145 ft and speeds of up to 67 mph, this attraction is a guaranteed thrill for the young ones. Additionally, it also features the world’s first dive and twist maneuver, allowing riders to experience the thrill of negative g-forces. Simulating a barrel-roll (such as those performed by fighter jets), it hangs 86 feet up in the air, rolls 180 degrees, then dives back underneath itself- promising dizzying thrills and excitement.

A double decker bus ride will keep a kids attention for awhile. Check it out here.

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