Top 11 Things To Do Alone In Las Vegas

Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.” – Drew Carey


Regardless of what your interests may be, Las Vegas will definitely have something to offer you to make your stay in her amazing fortress memorable. Even if you are alone, Las Vegas has pretty much all of the things to keep you busy. Whether you are a gourmand, show lover, shopaholic, sportsman, gamer, and a gambler, you have a special place in the heart of Las Vegas. And you, too, will have Las Vegas a special place in your heart.

So here are the top 11 things that you can do in Las Vegas even if you are alone.

1.  Stroll Through Any Of Las Vegas Fabulous Shopping Malls.

Forum Shops


There are a all kinds of  malls for any size wallet. Visit my our page on shopping malls in Las Vegas for more details.

 2. Take A Selfie At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame T

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum could probably be one of the most sought-after tourist attractions when in Las Vegas. It is known to be part of the seven worldwide sites which has the life-size reproduction of sports star musicians, celebrities, and historical figures. And going is worth the selfie and the penny.

 3. Experience Treasure Island Pirate Show For Free

The Treasure Island Pirate Show can be considered as one of the best shows in Las Vegas. And take note, this is for free. Experience fireworks, hot dancing, explosions, singing, and swordfights at the Treasure Island Hotel.

4. Reminisce Your Childhood At Cirque du Soleil

Jorge Garcia at LOVE Show.
Jorge Garcia at LOVE Show.

When you go to Las Vegas, it is a mortal sin to miss a Cirque de Soleil Show. This is so since it has been an integral activity in Las Vegas. The shows will definitely remind you of your childhood wonders. The shows vary from mysterious, funny, and even sensual. You can choose which show best suits your mood. My favorite show is LOVE.

 5. Arouse Your Curiosity At Fremont Street


Fremont Street


In the heart of Las Vegas, you will definitely not miss a street that will offer memorable experiences that you must see for you to believe. There are curious assortments such as cold hotdogs wrapped in chocolate that you need to try. And of course, don’t miss the ever-famous music and LED illuminations on huge screens late at night at Fremont Street.

6. Be Mesmerized By The Bellagio Fountains


Bellagio Fountains at PM by Sarah Green
Bellagio Fountains at PM by Sarah Green

Just like the Treasure Island Pirate Show, the Bellagio Fountains is another free treat that you must not miss when in Las Vegas. This is installed in the artificial lake which faces the Bellagio Hotel. This is indeed a memorable show that will leave you in awe and you will enjoy even though you are alone. Check out Bellagio Fountain schedule.

 7. Experience Paris With The Vegas Eiffel Tower

No need to go to Paris if you are already in Las Vegas. The Vegas Eiffel Tower will give Paris a run for its money. In fact, this place has witnessed a lot of marriage proposals from the time that it was installed there.

8. Be In Awe With David Copperfield Magic Show

Do not miss a magical stay in Las Vegas without witnessing the almost impossible illusions and tricks that are performed by master magicians. You will definitely be left in awe with the unbelievable performances.

9. Sight-see At The  The Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Tour

After a hectic day gambling and shopping, taking a little time in The Hoover Dam, which is south of Vegas.  there are many bus tours or hummer tours available. Take some time alone in this engineering spectacle that amazes many people. This is situated on Colorado river.

 10. Get A Massage.

I am referring to a licensed massage in any of the hotels or spas. Check out Groupon Las Vegas for any special deals. You can always check out Imperial Health Spa just a short drive from strip.

11. Check Out Pawn Stars on Las Vegas Boulevard

Pawn Stars Open 24 Hours

Very friendly and entertaining customer service reps. And who knows you might find something special for your loved one at home. Its always entertaining. Note its open 24 hours so if you are suffering from some jet lag grab a cab or Uber and headed over there. Its only a 10 minute drive from Paris.