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mob museum reviews

When you visit Las Vegas with your family then along with several others thing to do for your kids there is a unique museum for them to visit. It is Mob museum in Las Vegas that introduces you with an authentic and bold view of the impact of planned crime on the history of Las Vegas. The Mob museum reviews here under will tell you about its exceptional effect on the entire world including America.

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The Mob Museum also known as the National Museum related to Organized Crime and Enforcement of Law is a non-profit place to visit in Las Vegas which is dedicated to the history of planned crime and law enforcement. This world-class tourist destination is situated in the downtown Las Vegas.

This unique museum offers an interactive world class tour to the true stories of organised crime in America. These stories may include Shadows and Whispers, G-Men and Made Men and From the Birth of the Mob to Today’s Headlines. These authentic and eye-opening stories of the impact of organised crime, which is the real history of America, on the world offer an insider opinion about the characters and events of ongoing battle between the law and the Mob.

Mob museum reviews also offer a modern and challenging view at this enthralling topic through a number of stories and artifacts. These actual events and the real stories of the history of Mob have been displayed in this museum in the form of engaging and interactive exhibits to reveal all facets of the US based organised crime. This transformation of Mob stories is so complete that the viewers consider them as their part.

You might have heard the names of some of the biggest players of Mob like Whitney Bulger, Al Capone, John Gotti, and Bugsy Siegel and so on and their crimes but you might not have heard their real stories. The Mob Museum depicts fictional facts about the evolution of the Mob and the battles fought between the Mob and the law and their remains at present in tor form of movies.

Tributes and Honors

The Mob Museum was opened in 2012 and since then it has been honored by a number of awards like:

Travel & Leisure magazine has announced it as Best New Attractions for 2012 of Las Vegas

Travel & Leisure magazine named it as one of the �Best Places to Travel in 2015’

The New York Times has called Mob Museum as �A must for Travelers’

Budget Travel magazine and Fox News have proclaimed it as one of the �20 Places to be seen by every American’.

CNN has publicly announced it as one of the �9 Reasons for Visiting Las Vegas’

The Guild of Travel Writers of Britain has announced it as a finalist for the award of �Best Wider World Project’

Nevada magazine has tribute Mob Museum as the “Best Museum”

Tickets: the Mob Museum Prices

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Anyone can visit Mob museum at a cost of $24 for every adult and $14 for every child for a day to enjoy the access to several attractive exhibits like: Spinning a Deadly Web, International Organized Crime, Tentacles Spread, The Lineup, and The Mob in Popular Culture etc. But Las Vegas Groupon offers these tickets at $17 and $12 respectively. They also offer various types discount coupons for the tourists as well as locals to make their visit more affordable and memorable.

A 1933 style complete party is organized in Mob Museum every year to celebrate the end of Prohibition by including swing and jazz music, casino table games, costume contests and cabaret dancers.

Boss of the Bars is another event that offers fun until midnight. It is a mixology competition.

Mob museum Groupon Discounts and concessions

While celebrating 3rd annual repeal day Las Vegas Groupon offered two types of concessions:

General entry ticket for $35 includes a souvenir photo and one drink ticket, and a souvenir photo the total value of which is up to $55. Mob Museum Groupon

Second offer for general entry ticket costs $69 to include a souvenir photo with a package to eat and drink whatever you can but this offer is valid from 7 pm to 10 pm only. The total value of this package is up to $120.

Thus, according to Mob Museum reviews it is the right place to learn about the real stories of the impact of organized crime on the history of Las Vegas. It is one of the best things to do by the kids during their visit with their family to Las Vegas.

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The Mob Museum 300 Stewart Ave.Las Vegas, NV 89101 Directions  


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Sun to Sat
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