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Get up to  42 % discount on Admission at The Imperial Health Spa
Up to 42% off Spa Deals at Imperial Health – Las Vegas

Spending your day at the Imperial Health Spa is quite a relaxing experience.It offers you the serenity and relaxation that everyone wants and requires. The Spa’s white-lined exterior hosts roughly 32,000 square feet of treatment rooms and warmed saunas.

Jade and salt are intended to adjust body vitality and remove toxins.

The warm beds brimming with red clay balls will improve your blood circulation.

Imperial Spa Las Vegas have teamed up with Groupon to slash their rates up to 42%. You will be charged $19 for a day pass at the spa. This admission fee may be waived if you get a massage over $80. This is extraordinary!

Up to 42% off Spa Deals at Imperial Health – Las Vegas

What should you expect at Imperial Health Spa Las Vegas Nevada?

The spa is immaculate, and loaded with interesting rooms to explore. You will have a great time going to Imperial Spa Las Vegas. It has Red-Clay Room, Jade Room, Ice Room, Red-Clay Balls Room upstairs.

You can begin at the salt sauna, then go into the warm tub.  Afterwards, continue to the loungers upstairs, into the red-clay room. You will have a fabulous time in the jade room as well as the red-clay ball room.

You put on your “uniform” to go upstairs to the Ice Room. Beside it is a room with warmed floor tiles with canisters of dirt marbles that you set down into warm your body and lay your head on the cushion there. Lastly clean up using a cleanser, conditioner and body scrub.

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The spa rooms are truly hot. It is recommended that you stay for 3-7 minutes in those rooms then clean up and rest for approximately 30 minutes in the parlor outside the above rooms.

You are given slippers so the floors get amazingly hot strolling on them! Down the stairs in ladies and men rooms are the steam rooms, saunas and whirlpool spa in addition to a dry Himalayan Salt-Room.

In the men’s zone is a “U” formed counter with mirrors, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes and hair gels. In the focal point of that room are parlor seats where you can rest between visits to the water section.

Imperial Spa Las Vegas has a lot of relaxing space—including a film theater at the Las Vegas area. You will get a hot floor resting room where you lay on mats with pads. Additionally, there are different rooms for resting and in the middle of the rooms are more parlor seats where you can unwind.

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Upstairs you will find a Korean Café.  Massages are available for an extra cost. After getting your body massage-knead or body scrub, you can head to the restaurant and enjoy eating tantalizing Korean dishes. The kitchen has photos of the Korean food and refreshments they offer. They don’t prepare anything until you order.

Up to 42% off Spa Deals at Imperial Health – Las Vegas

Why should you consider this Imperial Spa Groupon deal?

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Groupons deal with Imperial Spa Las Vegas offers up to 42% discount. In fact, you will only pay $19 to get spa admission if you are alone and $35 if you are two. The admission fees are 42% and 30% off respectively. In addition, the receptionist may offer to deduct your Groupon purchase price from any massage or facial if you chose to add a treatment during your visit. Surely, this is an offer you should not miss out on.

By the way, its just a 10 minute taxi or ride share ride from mid Las Vegas Blvd. It really is an inexpensive fun thing to do in Las Vegas. It is a great thing to do as a date night. It certainly is one of those things you can do alone in Vegas. Looking for other things to do alone,visit our page that gives a few suggestions.

Keep in mind these prices may change!